Neighborhood Safety Tips

Residential Security Message From Clay County Sheriff’s Office

  • The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is taking steps to increase community awareness by providing security advice and related services to residents before and after a burglary is committed.
  • Remember to do the #9PMRoutine and #CheckItChirpIt.  We can help prevent burglaries and reduce crimes of opportunity.  Remove your valuables and secure your vehicle, home and property.

Tips to Protect Your Property

  • Consider installation of a professional, monitored, registered alarm system.
  • While out of town, have mail and newspaper delivery postponed or ask a neighbor to pick it up regularly.
  • Sign up for the House Watch Program to notify deputies that you will be away.
  • Proper lighting of your house and surrounding yard/driveway is crucial to preventing a break-in.
  • While on vacation, attach interior lamps to automatic on/off switch system.
  • “Beware of Dog” signs are a great deterrent – so is an actual dog!
  • Landscape under first-floor windows using thorny plants such as rose and holly bushes. 

House Watch Program –   (904) 264-6512   CCSO's Non-Emergency Number

If you notice unauthorized persons attempting to use our recreational facilities during operating hours, please report to on-duty staff.  If after hours, call the CCSO non-emergency line to report the trespass. Please help enforce our amenity policies by not exceeding the allowed number of guests you bring to the facilities and ensure they follow amenity policies.‚Äč


The Neighborhood Watch program has been a part of the National Sheriff's Association since 1972 providing citizens the means to fight against crime while aiding local enforcement authorities.  The success of this program has established Neighborhood Watch as the nation's premier crime prevention and community mobilization program.  For more information, check out the National Neighborhood Watch site here.

Currently the only local neighborhood registered with this program is Whitfield in OakLeaf.  The neighborhoods of Eagle Landing are frequently monitored by Clay County Sheriff's Office but alert residents extend their reach significantly.  As residents of Eagle Landing, if you would like to see this program utilized here, please let us know. The community needs block or neighborhood captains as well as a Watch Manager. 

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