I applied for a user name several days ago but still have not received it.

When applying, you should receive an email within minutes confirming your application. If you don’t receive this first email, you sent us an incorrect email address. You will then need to fill out the application again - without a correct email address, there is no way we can send you your new username and password.  

This first email is automatically generated, but the actual designation of user name and password is done manually during weekday office hours by one person. We are trying to process account requests as soon as possible, but it might take a few days. We are checking to make sure that everyone requesting an account is indeed an Eagle Landing resident with resident's privileges. That is why we require a Residents ID number to get an account. (At the time you receive your Residents ID, documents of residency are presented.)

If you are a brand new resident and have not received your Residents ID number, please contact Rachael Welch (904) 291-4343 or stop by the Athletic Center to set up an apppointment.

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