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ARC, CDD, HOA - what's the difference?

ARC - Architectural Review Committee
Committee members review all exterior changes to property including:  landscaping, fencing, screen enclosures, pools, satellite dishes, fountains, exterior color changes (entire house or just the front door), pergolas, gazebos, ornamental exterior furnishings, etc.  All changes must be submitted and approved prior to construction start.
Failure to obtain ARC approval may result in unnecessary costs to the homeowner. 

CDD - South Village Community Development District
The SVCDD is responsible for all the common areas within Eagle Landing.  From the entrance waterfall feature, to the neighborhood playgrounds, neighborhood signage and of course, the swim park, golf course and clubhouse, lake house, athletic center, tennis courts, and the Village Green amphitheater.  Issues concerning these areas may be directed to any of the board members.  See the CDD link to the left.  

Eagle Landing Homeowners' Association
The HOA is responsible for the enforcement of the recorded Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R), ensuring all homeowners follow the CC&Rs such as: properly storing garbage cans and recycling receptacles when not in use, boats, jets skis, trailers, campers, etc. should be stored in a the garage, maintenance of yards, control of vegetations, excess debris, signage including bandit signs [corrugated signs on wire holders], advertising signs are not allowed anywhere in Eagle Landing unless approved by the ARC, etc.   Complete information is on the HOA page including
the entire CC&Rs. A direct link is also available to the left.

South Village CDD meetings are held per their annual schedule at the Residents' Club, generally on the first Tuesday of the month starting at 6:30pm. 

HOA meetings are held annually.  Last meeting was held July 2019.

ARC meets at least twice a month (more if activity deems necessary) and forms can be found on the ARC pages (left menu).


St. John River Water Management District
Eagle Landing uses reclaimed water for irrigation and is not subject to the
statewide watering restrictions as advertised on television and radio.
Visit for more tips and landscaping advice.


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