08.07.18 Approved Minutes.pdf
South Village Adopted FY19 Budget.pdf
Westbank park plan.pdf
09.11.18 Agenda Package Part 1.pdf Agenda + Unapproved Minutes
09.11.18 Agenda Package Part 2.pdf Financials
07.24.18 Minutes.pdf
07.10.18 Minutes.pdf
SVCDD Reserve Study for Golf Course & Clubhouse.pdf
SVCDD Capital Reserve Study 2018.pdf
08.07.18 Agenda Package.pdf
06.26.18 Minutes.pdf
07.10.18 Agenda Package Part 2.pdf
07.10.18 Agenda Package Part 1.pdf
SV 06.26.18 Continued Meeting Agenda.pdf
South Village Approved FY19 Budget.pdf
05.08.18 Minutes.pdf
06.05.18 Agenda Package (Part 2_Revised).pdf
06.05.18 Agenda Package (Part 1-Revised).pdf
06.05.18 Agenda Package (Part 2).pdf
06.05.18 Agenda Package (Part 1).pdf
04.11.18 Minutes.pdf
04.03.18 Minutes.pdf
05.08.18 Agenda (Part 1-Revised).pdf
05.08.18 Agenda Package (Part 2).pdf
Vendor Presentation Agenda.pdf
04.03.18 Agenda Package (Part 1).pdf
Req 55 - 61 4.10.2018.pdf
SVCDD project Tracker.pdf
04.11.18 Agenda.pdf
04.03.18 Agenda Package (Part 2).pdf
SVCDD Approved Minutes_Feb 6_2018.pdf
03.06.18 Agenda PackageREV.pdf
South Village - Amended FY18 Budget.pdf
01.24.18 Minutes.pdf
01.09.18 Minutes.pdf
02.06.18 Meeting Part 1.pdf
02.06.18 Meeting Part 2.pdf
v2 ELGC - Restaurant RFP.docx
V-3 SVCDD Amenities Management RFP - 1_15_2018.docx
SVCDD General Manager V3 1-15-2018.docx
DRAFT V3 January 15 2018 SVCDD Golf RFP.docx
01.24.18 Agenda.doc
1-24-2018 SVCDD_contact Options _Presentation.pptx
12.05.17 Minutes.pdf
Hydro Tennis Courts Contract - Revised.pdf
Asphalt tennis court contract.pdf
01.09.18 AgendaRevised.pdf
01.09.18 Meeting Part 2.pdf
11.16.17 Minutes.pdf
11.07.17 Minutes.pdf
12.05.17 Meeting Part 1rev.pdf
12.05.17 Meeting Part 2.pdf
12.05.17 Meeting Part 1.pdf
11.16.17 Agenda.pdf
10.03.17 Minutes.pdf
11.07.17 Meeting Part 2.pdf
11.07.17 Meeting Part 1.pdf
Adopted FY18 Budget.pdf
Fiscal Year 2018.pdf
10.03.17 Meeting Part 1.pdf
10.03.17 Meeting Part 2.pdf

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